Risk associated with suppliers

Inwido’s products consist of components from several different suppliers. To be able to manufacture, sell and deliver products, Inwido is dependent on external suppliers meeting agreed requirements regarding volumes, quality and delivery times for example. Deliveries from suppliers that are inaccurate, delayed or that fail to materialize may mean, in turn, that Inwido’s deliveries are delayed or must be cancelled, or are deficient or incorrect. Inwido does not have full insight into its suppliers’ operations and consequently it has only a limited capacity to ascertain that its efforts to ensure that suppliers operate in a sustainable and responsible way have an impact. Therefore, Inwido is also exposed to the risk that suppliers act in a manner that could harm Inwido’s reputation and brands.

Body Second

Inwido has close partnerships with leading suppliers within each component group and also reduces the risk of a possible dependence by sourcing through alternative suppliers. Furthermore, Inwido has pre-established contingency plans for the most critical supplies of components, and these plans are reviewed annually. To safeguard supply and to increase its control of the value chain, the Inwido Group also includes a number of companies that produce sealed window panes and fittings and refine aluminium profiles. Inwido is committed to responsible business and has the ambition that this approach should permeate the entire value chain. As part of this, Inwido requires all major suppliers to acquaint themselves with and sign Inwido’s code of conduct for business partners.