General meetings

The Annual General Meeting is the highest decision-making body and each shareholder is entitled to participate in it, either personally or by proxy. The Annual General Meeting in Inwido is held in Malmö, Sweden. The Annual General Meeting appoints the Board of Directors of the company. The Annual General Meeting shall further adopt the income statement and balance sheets, determine the appropriation of profit or loss and resolve whether to discharge the board members and the President from liability. The Annual General Meeting further appoints the company’s auditors. The Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting may also resolve to change the Articles of Association, increase or reduce the share capital, etc. Annual General Meetings are convened through a notice published in the Official Swedish Gazette – Post- och Inrikes Tidningar – and on the company’s website. The fact that an Annual General Meeting has been convened will be published in Swedish national daily newspaper Dagens Industri.