How we work

Inwido manages and develops companies offering windows, doors, comfort, improved indoor climate and safety, as well as associated services and accessories for customers and consumers in Europe. Focusing on consumer needs, the companies offer innovative products and services with attractive designs and reduced environmental impact, enhancing people’s well-being.


Strategies for profitable growth

Strategies for profitable growth

Our strategic focus

Inwido’s local roots are the key to its success. Accordingly, our strategy is to act as an owner company, managing and developing local market leaders in the areas of comfort, indoor climate and safety.

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The market for windows and doors has always been a complex one. However, if it was previously a matter of understanding consumers’ local preferences in terms of materials and window designs, today it is equally a matter of understanding how new consumer behaviors, new products and services, new competitors and new channels into the market emerge. Renovation needs, urbanization, sustainability demands and digitization are among the major forces re-drawing the strategic map.

For this reason, Inwido’s strategy rests on five pillars. The first strategic pillar is a highly decentralized structure with considerable local delegation of responsibility. By granting our companies full responsibility for their earnings and business, we make it possible to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. 

The second strategic pillar is about generating stable growth through continued acquisitions of strong, profitable companies with potential for continued growth in earnings. This is how we safeguard the value we generate over the long term.

The third pillar involves our focus on the consumer-driven market. With consumers’ needs in mind, Inwido’s companies are able to develop attractive products and offerings that generate added value for end-consumers.

The fourth strategic pillar comprises cost-effective distribution chains. Through close and Group-wide partnerships with suppliers, combined with local sales, production and logistics, greater internal efficiency is achieved.

The fifth strategic pillar concerns synergies in purchasing, IT, finance, digitization and leadership. By continuously identifying shared areas of focus, ideas and economies of scale can spread to all companies within the Group.

Our organization

Our organization

The Inwido Group has a highly decentralized structure, affording scope for entrepreneurial spirit. Each company makes its own decisions based on its local conditions, retaining full responsibility for its business and earnings.

In our industry, no two markets are the same. There are a number of factors that can make one region totally unlike its neighbour. Everything, from local construction techniques to lifestyle, government regulations, seasonal variations or simply consumers’ preferences and tastes, determine development. The sales process is also complex. Products are generally sold before being manufactured, because all products are customized in accordance with the demands of the final customer. Furthermore, sales and production alike normally have strong regional roots.

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Accordingly, those who succeed have one thing in common: An in-depth knowledge of their particular market. We have chosen to approach this through a strongly decentralized organizational structure in which our companies are afforded the opportunity to act as independently as possible. The companies can operate just like entrepreneurs, mandated to make the most effective decisions, focusing on their particular customers and businesses. They simultaneously receive central support on a number of strategic issues, including purchasing, digitization, financing, IT and leadership. In this way, they can reach their full development potential faster.

The companies are organized into two business areas, Inwido South and Inwido North. Thanks to the absence of unnecessary decision-making levels, the Group management can be kept to a small number of people nurturing insights, synergies and other economies of scale. The result is an agile and efficient Group in which both companies and the Group can adapt more quickly to market fluctuations, while customer relations are further strengthened.


Leadership and development

Inwido’s companies have one thing in common: Their need for the right skills. As an owner, Inwido contributes with structured processes to identify talented individuals and to develop them as leaders.

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Inwido’s companies operate in a changing world. The day-to-day lives of the companies are continuously affected by digitization, new design trends and energy efficiency improvements. Inwido’s model, according to which the companies are responsible for their own business and profit development, gives the companies considerable opportunities to adapt to local conditions.

At the same time, the decentralized structure requires the companies to have skilled and capable leaders. We want to have people with the right skills, to minimize bureaucracy and to ensure that everyone has clear targets to work towards.

We also want everyone in the Inwido family to adhere to our Code of Conduct and embrace our strong values in every contact with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. A couple of perspectives guide us in particular:  

  • A respectful attitude: We treat people, the environment and society with respect.
  • Courage to improve: We challenge ourselves as well as customers and our partners to develop and grow.
  • High standards: We always act with integrity and try our very best.

    To help the subsidiaries work with this in a structured manner, Inwido contributes processes and insights on HR matters, from recruitment and introduction to development and departure. The ambition is for the Inwido companies to build robust employer brands with strong corporate cultures and motivated employees. By means of a Group-wide management development programme, we safeguard a consensus on development and leadership in the companies.

    In the Inwido Group, considerable importance is attached to issues concerning safety and health while, at the same time, our decentralized structure requires that everyone be familiar with the relevant codes of conduct and adheres to our policies. We also strive to ensure that the companies maintain a good balance between men and women in managerial positions.

    Whistleblower policy

    We have an anonymous system accessible to all employees for raising integrity concerns within the Group. Employees can apply the Group’s whistleblower policy if they have reason to suspect that laws, other legal requirements or the Code of Conduct are possibly being violated.

    All reports are considered and shall, if necessary, be investigated. No forms of reprisals are allowed (termination of employment, harassment, discrimination etc.) as a result of reporting in good faith or participating in Inwido's investigation of a reporting.

    Our Code of conduct