Mergers & Acquisitions

Growing by continuously acquiring companies that operate in the areas of comfort, indoor climate and safety, and offering potential for continued development represents a fundamental component in Inwido’s strategy. Accordingly, we are always seeking out strong companies with continued potential to develop their earnings.

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Inwido´s M&A model

Inwido’s acquisition philosophy is associated with its ambition of providing a natural home for Europe’s strongest companies in the areas of comfort, indoor climate and safety. When assessing suitable acquisition candidates, we therefore begin with a number of criteria linked to the Group’s overall profitability targets. Important factors we consider include the profitability of the acquisition candidates, their positions in their local markets, their future potential and how they fit into the Group as a whole.

Over the years, we have made about 50 successful acquisitions. We have learned a great deal and have seen clearly how the companies have grown stronger within the Inwido Group than if they had remained outside, simply because we were able to derive synergies and develop the companies to their full potential.

In the actual acquisition process, we examine both the companies and their market conditions. We take the time and effort to build long-term relationships with acquisition candidates and wait for the right moment – because we acquire companies to keep them, we are careful to ensure it is the right move for both parties. This means that acquisition processes can take a very long time, sometimes several years, which is why we maintain a continuous dialogue with candidates we are evaluating. 

Succeeding in profitable growth through acquisitions requires applying a meticulous acquisition process from start to finish – from initial analyses to due diligence, negotiation, integration and follow-up. This is how we assure the quality of the acquisitions that are made. In addition to the basic requirement of good financial performance, it is very important that the management teams are ambitious in continuing to operate their companies and contributing to growth in Inwido’s decentralized business model. We devote much time to getting to know the management of the company and other key employees early in the acquisition process, to engender a mutual understanding of culture and values.

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Why Lasse sold Bøjsø døre og vinduer to Inwido

200 years old Siberian larch wood paired with a craftsmanship expertise beyond the ordinary. That is the essence of Bøjsø døre og vinduer A/S. Since 1972, they have had the honor to supply windows to, among others, the Royal Palace of Amalienborg and Denmark's finest villas. On May 18, 2017, the founding family and the owners chose to sell Bøjsø to Inwido. To secure its future.


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    Local wood window specialists


    The love of wood and thorough craftsmanship is deeply rooted in Inwido’s history. Several of the Group companies’ modern factories began life as modern joiners, before specializing in windows and doors.

  • Ëlitfönster the market leading Swedish brand

    Acquisitions in Sweden

    2000 – 2004

    Inwido acquired companies in Sweden and built up a Swedish window and door group, becoming a market leader.

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    Growth in Sweden and the Nordic region


    During this period, Inwido acquired some 30 leading local brands, primarily in the Nordic region. The Group quickly adopted leading market positions in several countries.

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    Consolidation and listing


    Inwido streamlines its operations to become a group with a consumer-oriented strategy. In September 2014, Inwido is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.

  • Listed company and expansion in Europe

    Listed company and expansion in Europe


    Former owner Ratos sells remaining holding in 2015. Inwido conducts several acquisitions and expands in Europe and within e-commerce.

  • A simpler Inwido

    A simpler Inwido


    Inwido strengthens its decentralized structure by introducing a new governance model granting the individual companies in the Group full responsibility for their business and earnings, while Inwido leads and develops the companies in an ownership role.


Björn Gelberg

VP M&A and Treasury
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