Inwido invests SEK 100 million in Elitfönster for increased capacity, profitability and sustainability


Inwido has made the decision to invest just over SEK 100 million in Elitfönster's production facilities in Vetlanda. The investment, which is the largest ever for Elitfönster, enables production, which currently takes place in two factories, to be moved into one factory. The investment will create conditions for increased capacity, improved profitability and a more sustainable production.

Elitfönster, which is Inwido's largest business unit, currently runs four production facilities, two in Vetlanda and two in Lenhovda. With the investment, production in Vetlanda will be consolidated into one factory. Nevertheless, the capacity will increase, while the climate footprint and energy use will shrink.

"This is an assertive investment that gives Inwido great opportunities to strengthen our position in Sweden by increasing capacity in our largest business unit, Elitfönster, while making production more efficient and sustainable," says Henrik Hjalmarsson, President, and CEO of Inwido.

The ambition is that this future proofing of the factory will allow for more time for innovation and product development, which means that Elitfönster can continue to offer high-quality products while strengthening its leading position in the market.

"Inwido is a forward-looking owner who, with this investment, is creating a window factory for the future and gives us the opportunity to further strengthen our position. We turn 100 years old next year and this will undoubtedly be a major milestone in our history," says Jonas Hernborg, MD of Elitfönster.

The intention is that the implementation will be fully completed in 2025.

For more information, please contact:
Henrik Hjalmarsson, President and CEO Tel.: 46 (0)76 846 20 46,
Tobias Rydergren, Head of PR & Communication Tel.: 46 (0)70 255 23 61,